Erik Henry Vick
Publisher: Ratatoskr Publishing (December 11, 2020)
Pages: 275

Santa knows when you've been bad or good. And he doesn't care, so do what you want.A lich is any creature that become immortal by magical means. Old Kris Kringle figured it out a long time ago. It takes sacrifice.And this year, he wants to sacrifice Leery.Leery thought the holiday season would be filled with eggnog, parties, and maybe even a certain succubus standing under mistletoe. But it seems Santa has him on the naughty list for certain thoughts he had about a certain succubus standing under the mistletoe…Will Dru and Leery spend Christmas Eve together or will they have to Slay Fell Things?Critical Acclaim for CLAW & WARDER:★★★★★ “[T]he 'other world' is swarming with their own problems to keep their side under control in New York. I’m no stranger to Erik Henry Vick’s universe as I’m a fan of The Bloodletter Saga. Vick’s intriguing, ghoulish, fast-paced plot and solid ...
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