John DeSain
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 225

Princess Xithanese has a problem in the shape of her father. Long before she was born, her father made a pact with a dragon in order to gain the throne. Her father was crowned king in return for handing over the first husband of his then unborn daughter. The price at the time seemed such a low one to pay that one could hardly blame him for paying it. Unless you were Xithanese! Since it is not he, but Xithanese, that is paying this price. Xithanese has lived with this curse on her head her whole life. Though her mother has prepared her for marriage, what eligible prince would marry her knowing he was destined to become a dragon’s snack? The answer can only be, a thoroughly rotten one. But then, one day her prince does come, and he is anything but rotten. How can Xithanese have her prince and beat the dragon’s curse too? The answer to her seems a simple one: Find a rotter and marry him in ...
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