Judi Miller
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Pages: 207

The Universe’s “Perfect” Path to Righting a Wrong Committed Decades AgoThis life-changing book illustrates the amazing way the Universe orchestrates our lives toward a state of healing, wholeness, and love—whether we are aware of it or not!Perfect is a true recounting of the transformational journey that Judi Miller was guided to take that brought the exact right people together, in the exact right order, to right a wrong committed decades ago; before her birth and which left its shadow on her soul.All her life, Judi was plagued by feelings of fear, of not fitting in, and of not being enough. Facing a crisis of purpose, she embarks on a transformational journey of self-discovery and uncovers a shocking ancestral connection to the very person she trusted to heal her. She learns to open her heart, release her stories, and understand forgiveness in a whole new way.This compelling and ...
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