Hammer Trollkin
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 373

Shockwave: Empire is an action-packed mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Humanity barely made it through the first invasion by an evil stellar empire. Now the devil is coming for us in the form of an armada strike group comprised of their best warships. Shockwave is an elite Solar Command special forces team, a diverse group of individuals with unique capabilities. Shockwave is a fitting name for our best hope to overcome the Empire and the dark powers that stand behind it.It has been seven years since humanity defeated the first wave of invaders. Time is running out for the people of Earth as they prepare to meet the vengeful invaders head on. Do we stand a chance again an empire that has been walking among the stars for thousands of years? Perhaps. We are an unusual people, practiced in the art of war. The first invasion united us as never before and brought all sorts of technological wonders ...
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