Tejaswi Priyadarshi
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 170

“There is nothing scarier than living every moment with the fear of your very existence being snatched away. To save my existence, I must kill.”- The Psychopath“You know why I love to hunt? My mind interprets a human’s final breath as his apology: an apology of existence.”- The Cannibal“Can love and friendship push you to the brink of a murderous crisis? ”- The LoverRaj, an aspiring writer, and a full-time engineering student in Bangalore is given the chance of a lifetime; his best friend Ajay asks him to write the biography of a real-life serial killer based on a set of lost and found leather-bound diaries. A few months later, Raj meets Aaina, an accomplished marketer six years older than him, and falls in love. Things take a bizarre turn when the serial killer strikes again after years; and this time, it is in an engineering college in Bangalore.Welcome to the unruly ...
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