Nadia Nightside
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 39

”I worship You, Sir. Everything about You. And I want everyone else to do the same…Ethan’s date with the girl of his dreams—Estelle, a gorgeous, snobby town aristocrat—isn’t going well, but when they lock lips, she’s suddenly all over him—and is calling him her Owner. Soon, his boss starts obsessing over his strangely growing virile member, Estelle gathers fertile, busty babes to adore him and be pumped full of his white hot seed, and his body becomes hard as a rock in every way possible. Why are all these changes happening so suddenly? How can Estelle suddenly control the wills of fantastically-built foxes to come sleep with him? Why is she getting tighter, bustier, and sexier, with overflowing cups and a need to breed after just a taste of Ethan? And most importantly of all—who will Ethan want to fill up with his potent seed first?Warning: This story contains explicit scenes of ...
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