F.R. Southerland
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 185

The first book in a new urban fantasy series by self-published author F.R. Southerland! Meet the residents of New Ashton, Virginia—where the strange is every day normal.---As a witch extraordinaire, Andy Foster has cleaned up her share of mystical screw-ups, but being called to banish another demon? Enough is enough. Someone is summoning them and covering their tracks. Something big is coming. She knows. She can see it—literally. Visions are the worst, but Andy can handle it. She can handle anything.... until, suddenly, she can’t.Darkness. Shadows. A teenage girl. Terror.Armed with little more than the clothes on her back and her missing father's journal, demon hunter Casey Jennings has arrived. New Ashton is a town unlike any she’s known before. Demons, magic, visions, and witches—oh, she’s never liked witches. They say she’s in danger, she’s involved. And in order to figure out why ...
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