Maxim Dsouza
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 111

Your mind can do amazing things in 2 seconds. This book is all about learning how to become self aware by improving your decisions and avoiding mistakes in less than a couple of seconds."Wait, 2 seconds? I can't get off the couch that fast," you complain. You’re right. your body needs time to perform an action, but your brain is a million times faster.The best part is your thoughts are lightning quick, no matter what your IQ. You do not need Einstein's intelligence to process thoughts in 2 seconds. Aren't you capable of having a conversation by processing what you hear and replying right after? If you can do that, there is no reason why you cannot think and make better choices in a snap of fingers.Have you said something wrong due to a slip of the tongue? Have you made a blunder you immediately regretted? Have you acted in a hurry without thinking through?99% of our decisions are small. ...
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