Emma Jordan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 288

Elle Rawcliffe has always been a city girl. She moved from Manchester, England, to study in Boston Massachusetts, graduated with contacts and now intends to remain in the city until she achieves her dream of opening her own art gallery on Cape Cod. She is nothing like her family-oriented sister, Lucy Adams, who loves and lives in Nashville; Elle has everything she could ever want ... and it’s right where it counts, inside of her. She has never had to rely on anyone. James Logan – Jam to everyone that knows him – learned as a child to appreciate the simple things: family, the water and most of all music. A drummer by nature and profession he has watched Elle from afar for the six years he’s known her and that’s just how he intends to keep things between them. Besides, he’s on the lookout for the elusive Mrs Jam.Elle has always had everything – the perfect scores, the perfect career, any ...
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