Austin Grayson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 370

Harland Bows comes back home in Missouri to find his youngest brother murdered by two merciless road agents. That very moment, Harland vows to find his brother's killers and make them pay for the insufferable pain they have caused to his family. Luckily for him, he's not alone; his two younger brothers are thirsty for revenge as much as he is. But the path of vengeance is rough, and his investigation leads him to an expansive criminal colony of hundreds of cutthroats working under a single evil mastermind. Will Harland find his brother's murderers before the colony tears him and his other brothers down?When he manages to enter the massive colony, he meets a female slave who steals his heart and his mind. But until he uncovers the killers and escapes from this dark prison, a chance of happiness remains a pipe dream for both of them. The moment he discovers the identity of the men he is ...
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