Sarah White
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 131

Are you at your wit’s end with your toddler? Read on to discover how you can tame your little monster. In children between the ages of 1 and 5, temper tantrums are common, and up to 83% of 2-4 year olds have them regularly. No matter how well you know that this is an important part of their development, it can take its toll when you’re facing yet another meltdown about the carrots being the wrong shape. Do any of the below sound familiar? Refusing to get dressed Screaming blue murder because you asked them to put their shoes on Throwing their breakfast on the floor because the spoon’s the wrong color Inconsolable tears because the cat went outside Every parent goes through this. Toddlers are at a stage where they are developing their independence and pushing boundaries, and they have more feelings than they can understand or express. How many times have you given in to them for the sake ...
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