Carol Jackson Taylor
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 83

Are You Retiring?How much money have you saved towards your retirement?  Do YOU think it's enough?I'll not ask you to max out your 40lk, begin buying risky stocks, or stop drinking your daily latte. But what I will do is show you actual examples of my former clients who retired successfully. You will also see mistakes other clients made which severely affected their ability to retire.In Retirement Money Management you will find:✓ Women who had no network of spouses or children to help them navigate their retirement or final illness.✓ Divorcees who spent their settlements frivolously and had little left for retirement.✓ Widows who allowed their children to drain their assets.✓ Those who didn't plan to fail, but instead failed to plan.✓ Those who wouldn't take the time or effort to research taxes, investments, or retirement rules before pulling the plug on their job.✓ ...
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