Greg Verdino
Publisher: Verdino LLC
Pages: 59

The "new normal" you're waiting for is never going to happen. Planning for tomorrow guarantees you'll fall further behind. Lack of resources is a lame excuse. The experts have the most to learn.The answer to disruption is not technology, but humanity.Futurist and digital transformation expert Greg Verdino has made a career out of helping business leaders make sense of exponential change -- challenging conventional wisdom, skewering the status quo, and doling out tough love on his blog, in print and from conference stages around the world. Now, NEVER NORMAL distills eight years of Greg's most provocative ideas about technology, transformation, strategy and innovation into one slim volume you can skim while you're waiting for your next Zoom call to begin.NEVER NORMAL features the brand new title essay (exclusive to this collection) and 15 of Greg's most popular business essays, all ...
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