Mai Ling Chan, Angela Mahoney, Cassidy Huff, Catherine Hughes, Celine Osukwu, Denise Resnik, Erin Hawley, John Gomez, Karin York, Martyn Sibley
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 136

Find your inspiration to either become more involved in disability-focused supports or get the direct support you need to move forward with your own visionary idea to help more people with disabilities. Whether you are a person with a disability, provide support and resources for people with disabilities, or have a loved one who has touched your heart, the authors in this book are talking to YOU. They have shared their hearts and souls in every chapter as they take you from their initial creation ideas through the joys and challenges of their very personal stories. Much like traditional start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, every leader in this book began with a burning sense of purpose and commitment to the journey. However, in addition to the typical business-growth issues entrepreneurs face, the authors of this book have the added complexity of caring for someone with a disability ...
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