Rhett Gervais
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 110

Chosen by destiny. Cursed by fate.On the day that Gaius Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon to end the Roman republic, the witch women of the Ose tribe had a vision of the future, and what they saw terrified them. To protect the world, they allied with the new dictator of Rome. In return for destroying his enemies and securing his empire, he would allow a single djambe to serve at his side, to use her magic to guard against the encroaching chaos they knew would one day come.Two hundred years later, Vesper has been chosen to serve as the emperor's new hand, but first she must master her power, and herself, or fall victim to the encroaching darkness that she was meant to stand against.Chosen is a prequel to The Last Witch of Rome. An exciting historical fantasy series set at the height of the Roman Empire.
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4.5 stars from 141 ratings
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