Ethan Westfield
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 335

Smith is a mysterious man that does not go unnoticed. Having no interest in gold or fame, he had his fill of adventure before arriving in the untamed backdrop of the wild frontier. When he first set foot in Bozeman, Montana, trouble was the last thing he expected to find, but after the sudden attack of three notorious felons wanted by the law, he figured out that his stay there would not be a child’s play, as he wished. As if that weren’t enough, running low on bullets and cash will soon throw him on the mercy of a ruthless rancher, who has nearly complete control of the town. Will Smith finally take the risk to accept a tempting job offer from the vicious man?Rumors about Smith spread in town like wildfire, but little did he know that this crime was only the beginning of his perilous adventure. While riding on a rainy day, he rescues a helpless woman, trapped in a criminal's dirty ...
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