Elena R.
Publisher: Elena R.
Pages: 198

A poor immigrant girl full of ambition and determination to achieve her version of the American Dream decides to descend into the obscure world of exotic dancing. From a humble and sheltered pizza cook Elena turns into a top earner overnight. She becomes a part of a dark, fast-paced world of lust, drugs, easy money, shady characters, greed and people ready to do anything in order to make it out on top. Will she manage to achieve everything she has ever dreamed about? Will she finally attain the financial stability she has craved her entire life? How will it all end? This is the story of a true hustler determined to succeed against all odds. This is a memoir and a true story, this is my story. I am Elena.Reviews“A vivid and compelling read full of self-reflectionIn this memoir a young woman embarks on a quest to achieve her dreams and happiness. The book closely follows her life journey ...
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