Melanie White
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 229

★ Are you looking for a solution to anxiety in your relationship? ★★ Are you unable to live your romantic relationship without doubts or insecurities? ★★ Are you a slave to jealousy or terrified of abandonment? ★✓ If you answered “YES” to these questions and wish to live a better relationship, then keep reading ...Anxiety is a normal human condition and is a necessary part of our lives. We all have a trait of anxiety in one way or another. In"fight or flight mode," fear allows us to recognize and respond to hazards.  Anxiety will work either for us or against us. It's something that we all share, but it varies from person to person.And… What about couples? In the early stages of a relationship, people may get feelings of insecurity, which leads to more anxiety. You may experience worrying thoughts such as, “Does this person really like me?” — “How serious is this relationship?” — “Will ...
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