Lee Jackson
Publisher: Severn River Publishing
Pages: 401

In the tradition of grand World War II sagas Beneath a Scarlet Sky and Of Windmills and War, After Dunkirk introduces the Littlefield family, fighting valiantly in the darkest days of the German occupation.AFTER DUNKIRK heralds a stunning new voice in historical epics, a worthy heir to Wouk and Follett."Lee Jackson embeds you in the peril of war-torn France in the aftermath of Dunkirk."—Buzz Bernard, author of MWSA finalist When Heroes Flew From the beaches of Dunkirk to the codebreakers of Bletchley Park, from Resistance bombings in the south of France to the machinations in the basements of MI-6.Winston Churchill called it Britain’s finest hour. The Royal Navy evacuated 330,000 soldiers from Dunkirk.But more than 200,000 were left behind.On the beaches, Jeremy Littlefield hides for his life. His path home will draw him through the iron will and the unbreakable heart of the French ...
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