Frederick Marx
Publisher: Warrior Films
Pages: 325

What if we could understand our lives in deeper ways, maximizing meaning and fulfillment even during times of crisis?Every normal human lifespan contains passages that deserve attention, intention and ritual. This book shows us how we can do that with minimal disruption to our normal lives and without the need for teachers, ministers or gurus. This isn't a religious book. All beliefs and non-beliefs are welcome.Readers will leave with practical suggestions for living a more meaningful life each and every moment. Chapters end with a bullet-pointed list on "What You Need To Do Now."Interspersed throughout are reflections from a multicultural assembly of some of the most well-respected minds in human transformation: - Robert Bly - Michael Meade - Meredith Little - Starhawk - Orland Bishop - Robert Moore - Bill Plotkin - Clarissa Pinkola-Estes - Angeles Arrien - Aqeela Sherrills - Luis ...
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