Janice Boekhoff
Publisher: Lost Canyon Press
Pages: 342

Dangerous Convicts. Deadly Dinosaurs. The secret encoded in her DNA lies between them …Dedicated reptile expert Oakley Laveau loves the thrill of wrestling a ’gator. But her dream job at the swamp tour slips away when she’s charged with a crime she doesn’t remember: her best friend’s murder. Sentenced to life on a secluded isle, she’ll have to battle violent criminals and genetically modified dinosaurs to uncover the truth.As soon as she steps on the island, she’s swept up by the charming leader of a gang of convicts and his dubious offer of protection. But it’s hard to heed his warnings when somewhere in the dino-infested rainforest hides a witness who knows the shocking facts behind Oakley’s amnesia.Hunted by humans and beasts, can Oakley expose the truth before she meets a bloody end?Extinction Island is the first book in the suspenseful Jurassic Judgment sci-fi series. If you like ...
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