Mukesh Borar
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 76

What would life be like when wealth generation is automated completely?What would it mean to move towards a world with zero employment?These are not distant thoughts. Powered by the trio of AI, IoT and Robotics technologies, automation has already set us on this path, and that too in the fast lane. The transition however is fraught with not just economic but also the environmental and personal crises. It is now imperative on us to rethink some of the fundamental aspects of life – work, time, money and consumption.This book takes a systemic view of the automation juggernaut, its speed, and its scope. It expounds the counter-intuitive idea that proactive reduction of conventional jobs is the best strategy to leverage automation technologies. The book lays out a roadmap that uses 'Automation Dividend' to reclaim life from work and the environment from economics.…Some quotes from the ...
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