Stanley Straub
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 259

At the year-end extravaganza held in 2998, Tom Florin became a statistic. He was terminated by liberated punctuation, a fancy made-up term by the government for killing people to keep the population under control Two years later, in 3000 the names of the new chosen ones were published for all to see. what names will be listed and who will get to go to the extravaganza parade and then be led to the glorious extermination stations during the Super Sunday halftime celebration. Barbara Freeman, Age 16 was one of the "supposedly" lucky names chosen for the 3000 celebration which is to be held during the Super Sunday Halftime show. During the show which will be broadcast for the world to see, Barbara and several thousand more are planned to be terminated. Most of them are willing and happy to be part of the termination process, but Barbara, her boyfriend, and her folks are not. Can Barbara ...
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