James Evans
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 269

"A gripping sci-fi plot that spans a vast universe. Combining exciting adventure with political intrigue, the plot is fast paced and sprawling... [Imperial Knight] features strong writing...echoes classics like Dune...original and unique."- The BookLife Prize from Publishers WeeklyA THRILLING STANDALONE NOVEL IN A NEW SEQUENCE INSPIRED BY THE GALACTIC EMPIRES OF ASIMOV'S "FOUNDATION" AND FRANK HERBERT'S "DUNE"ROBOTS, ALIEN WARS, TERRORISM AND IMPERIAL INTRIGUE IN THE FAR FUTURE! Aaron den Per is the son and great-grandson of Imperial Knights: fearsome warriors and great captains of the Empire who have led resurgent Imperial armies to celebrated victories and vanquished the enemies of Humaniti to reclaim worlds long lost in the aftermath of the Great War a hundred centuries before.Newly qualified from military college in the outlying system of Gelavan, the young man travels with his ...
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