Alex Scarrow
Publisher: Grrr Books
Pages: 127

A brand new series from the author of the bestselling TIMERIDERS series! Ellie Quin is a perfect follow-on for fans of Firefly, Becky Chambers, The Fifth Element and The Expanse.Ellie Quin is a weapon. A ticking bomb waiting to explode. And when she finally does... the Human Universe will never be the same again.Which is a good thing. Because it's run by the Administration, a bunch of corrupt politicians bankrolled by Big Business; mega Terraforming corporations and Genetics Companies. Ellie could destroy their cozy money-for-the-rich universe with what's lying inside her - in her blood, in her DNA. Somebody, somewhere, has created the seed for revolution, for change, for a new beginning... and it lies inside a 16 year old farm girl on a remote colonial world.It all depends if the Administration can find her first, or, The Reborn, a religious cult who believe this 'weapon' is their ...
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