A.R.K. Horton
Publisher: Roaring Tulips, LLC (November 30, 2020)
Pages: 316

The beginning of a fantasy trilogy with gods and goddesses, exiled royalty, kingdoms at war, and magic!Eya is a sheltered princess in a small, forgettable country. She spends her days bungling embroidery lessons and wishing she could do more with her life than get married. When the discovery of an ancient relic causes a far more powerful kingdom to invade, her safe but boring life comes crashing down around her, forcing her to flee. Yet, the ship that should have saved her wrecks on her enemy’s shore.This once spoiled royal changes her name and takes on a position as a maid as a disguise. Along the way, she makes true friends while discovering magical abilities she never knew she possessed.A princess with a famous face can’t stay in hiding forever, though, and now it’s more than just her own life at stake. Eya must find the power to take on her enemies and find happiness in her new ...
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5 stars from 40 ratings
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