Blake R. Wolfe
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 223

Ryan can’t stand the sight of himself. And the only person he blames is his best friend Kit, the person he loves more than anyone else in the world. If Kit hadn’t confused him by being so kind and caring, he wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in. But now he lives alone, drinking himself into a stupor because of one wonderful night years ago. He knows he’s running, but the thought of facing his fears head on is more than he can bear.Following four young boys as they grow up in a backwater town in the 80s, Jonathan’s Letter explores the pain of growing up, discovering yourself, and learning to accept who you are. An exploration in avoidance, trauma, and finally self acceptance through letters written across the years.TW: Sexual Assault, Abuse, Addiction----------------------An emotional and heartwarming story of one man's journey to self acceptance and coming out as a gay man. Perfect for ...
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