David J Cooper
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 66

A well-know author,  an abandoned house,  an innkeeper's warning.Sometimes you should listen to advice...For years the abandoned house remained hidden in the Welsh mountains. Rumours and stories of strange disappearances in or near the property were enough to convince the locals it was evil and they stayed away.Jake Thomas, a well-known writer, is suffering from writer's block and decides to travel to Wales to get inspiration for his new book when he finds himself in a remote village.A stranger he meets in the local pub tells him that the village has an evil secret.The innkeeper tells Jake that people who enter the house never return and warns him not to go there.Jake doesn't believe in local superstition and thinks a visit to the house could be the inspiration he is looking for.Not only does he investigate the house but also comes across a crypt hidden in the forest that hints at a ...
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