Catherine Tramell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 44

"Pretending to fall in love has never been so sexy"BINGE READ THE ENTIRE SERIES NOWWhen Quinn sees Alex kissing his sister's boyfriend on her wedding day, he cannot believe his eyes. Michelle, his sister, is determined to get them together, but she doesn't know what Quinn has seen.Things take an interesting turn, however, when Alex explains that she wasn't kissing Michelle's boyfriend but was in fact talking sense into him. Quinn doesn't believe her, and Alex doesn't care what he thinks. Her determination wanes for fear of public opinion, and before long, she finds herself trying to clear her name. Quinn, on the other hand, finds himself falling for Alex, the girl he accused, and all hope seems to be lost...until Alex decides to tell Quinn exactly what's on her mind.This book is the first book of QUINN AND ALEXANDRA romantic, hot and steamy series. Follow the story of Alexandra as she ...
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