Ash Lingam
Publisher: Lawless Waters Publishing Co.
Pages: 118

The ship, Queen of Glory, is pushed toward the Texas shores by a force-4 hurricane, with the Royal Prince, Rudolph of Austria aboard and his Baroness mistress. The European royalty has organized an expedition stretching from Galveston to Tombstone, Arizona and his government’s diplomats have demanded the United States provide an escort. Headquarters notify Captain Rowdy Bates—his entire Ranger post will meet Prince Rudolph and personally act as his bodyguard and guide—eventually delivering the couple to the Arizona Rangers to continue their voyage across the west. Abigale Burrs has her sights on a Texas Ranger, and she’s got some tricks up her sleeve to win him over.Will Captain Bates and Nati Buena Fuente’s wedding be indefinitely postponed in the face of such a lengthy journey?How will the wagon train of wealthy European royalty make it across the Wild West with every ...
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