Heather Crismond
Publisher: Heather Crismond
Pages: 64

A journey of self discovery is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to face the reality of who you really are and have the courage to then become something entirely new.Is This The Road To Hell? I Knew I Should've Asked For Directions is a collection of poetry, journal enteries, and artwork by Heather Crismond. Spanning four years and four states you are brought on a heartwrenching journey of self discovery. Follow Heather as she learns from heartaches, seperation from her children, and homelessness. Witness as she hits her rock bottom only to rise above the destruction of her own creation to become a confident happy woman. She wants to share her story through poetry and art because it was through these two mediums and one special dog that she made it through to the other side. She hopes that she encourages and inspires people to keep moving forward no matter their ...
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