Ella Edon
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 1376

The Fashionable World will be surprised to hear that those very rich noblemen, of the highest rank, are about to scandalize honorable ladies…Oh and one little surprise towards the end...Winning the Heart of the Mischievous DukeHe made a pact with her; help her win back her ex betrothed. But what starts as a fake courtship evolves to something deeper, and now she must decide who is the one worthy of her heart? Her childhood friend and ex betrothed, or the devious handsome Duke who is helping her?The Rogue’s Dangerous ConfessionHe caused many scandals, but falling for a woman in love with his uncle might have been the biggest one. As he struggles to win her heart, he will discover that her passion is just as strong his own. Until her family’s skeletons in the closet will be discovered. To save her, he must endanger his life.The Earl’s Dangerous PassionHe has to help his childhood ...
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