Hayley Faye
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 54

Can't get enough of the girls and world of Celebritah?Then this in-depth Character Bios guide is the perfect place to discover all of the naughty, funny and even some of the darkest secrets hiding underneath the glitz and glamour of San Galletas' Top 11 D-Listers! And as a bonus you also get two brand new stories to enjoy as well as even more of the stunning art that characterizes the style and soul of the Celebritah series!If you've ever wondered how Amy and Megan could ever become best friends or just want to know some more about Moira's creepy self, then this character bios book is the perfect place to enrich your knowledge and discover shocking new facts you'll never forget! All of it is presented in a clear yet classy way that's sure to be appreciated by fans everywhere! You might even get to see Meg's freaky side!Celebritah: Yelling at the thing, with style!*Free book promotion ...
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