Hayley Faye
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 80

Welcome to the world of fame, fortune and donut obsessions!Celebritah - Fame Is Overrated is the combined stories of a group of up and coming starlets who want nothing more than to share their beautiful art and hearts with all the loving masses around them. While also struggling to deal with the day to day grind of work, personal problems and above all... each other!Each girl is as different as day and night; from the positive Sophie who's always brimming with joy and laughter to the maniacal Amy Dunkelheit who will stop at nothing on her quest to bring down rock-based Gothic horror upon an unsuspecting world of "dumb ass blondes and that one sociopath Rabbit lady". The challenge of trying to make it big in the world of fame while also making time to kick back and relax with kooky best friends for life has never been this wild!There will be laughter, joy, sensuality and even a little ...
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