Ember Pierce
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 505

A destitute single mother. A cowboy who wants to be loved for who he is. And an obligation that just might destroy both their lives.Martha has known plenty of adversity. Her husband was involved in some shady dealings, which caused difficulties while he was alive. Now that he’s gone, his creditors have come looking for someone to pay his debts. Martha has no money and a son to feed. She certainly can’t be responsible for her husband’s mistakes. But it seems the thug who’s after her has different ideas.Daniel is a cowboy out west. He’s pretty easy-going, except when it comes to love. His first sweetheart swindled him and left him. So, he doesn’t believe that a woman could want him for anything other than his money. A mail-order bride seems to be the solution to all his courting troubles. Little does he know that his new wife brings issues of her own.Martha flees her ...
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