Publisher: unknown
Pages: 71

Laila Beckett, a 23 year old introvert experiences a series of mysterious events in her life. Mrs. Merlin Beckett, Laila’s mother, decides to move from NYC to Blue Hail, due to increased debts and crucial financial status. Blue Hail is located in the southernmost part of Miami, America.The town is cold and when they moved there, it gave many unwelcoming scenarios to Laila, she and her best friend Scott Wilson together finds out many buried truths of Laila’s family and Blue Hail town. Mrs. Isabelle Beckett, Laila’s granny, found to be a witch, a stranger tries to kill Laila, many enigmatic murders happen in the Knight’s forest, which is present beside Laila’s home and a wisp confronts and guides her to her destiny.The Witch From Blue Hail is a fantasy thriller of a young girl, who decides to find the truth behind the death of her granny and her real identity.
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