Eddie Jones
Publisher: Dry Bones Publishing
Pages: 160

In Deadwood, you may lose your life. In Old West World you could lose your soul.Someone is coming for Nick -- and maybe his sister and all the girls who ever helped him solve a case. When Nick, Wendy, and Kat get trapped in Old West World on New Year's Eve, Nick realizes someone is gunning for him. But who is this masked man and why does he want to face Nick in a show down on Main Street?Chased by a psychotic wolf dog, Nick finds trouble at the Graveyard Gulch Gold Mine, tumbles into a crypt at Digger’s Undertaker, and becomes trapped on a train trestle with the Black Beauty's cowcatcher bearing down. With a group of teen girls hiding in the Holy Ghost Church, several of whom prefer Nick drop dead, he summons all the courage he has and flunks pew plate target practice. Out of options and time, he walks into town to face the mysterious man dressed in black. Will he learn why the phantom ...
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