Cheree Alsop
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 326

Raith Lost Everything in a Terrible Accident Alone and desperate, he makes one crucial mistake- try to save the woman screaming in the alley. When he discovers it’s a trap, it is already too late.˃˃˃ The Fluffs Know All The energy-sensitive creatures lead others to Raith on the verge of death. Despite their reservations, they bring him into a world he never knew existed. Demons threaten, lives hang in the balance, and everything hinges on Raith finding an elemental ally. But when Raith forms a unique bond with a shadow wolf, a soul elemental, he has to convince himself he has a soul worth fighting for.˃˃˃ Can Raith learn all he must in order to confront this new world of danger threatening to swallow up everything he holds dear?Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!
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