Borut Lesjak
Publisher: Studio Blest
Pages: 63

Quick Start Guide to One Moon PresentRevolutionize your relationship with life — in 28 days!Intuitive healer and author Borut Lesjak composed a conclusive formula, One Moon Present, to transform your life within a single moon cycle. One Moon Present Quick Start Guide presents the nuts and bolts of this powerful toolbox which helps you address your blocked feelings or suppressed emotions in a practical, day-to-day way. A 7-minute breathwork meditation — a crucial energy-healing tool — is included for free!One Moon Present formula consists of five integral ingredients:grounding into the realness of your life and Mother Naturestaying present with your feelings, emotions, and thoughtsmeditating daily, using an active ancient pranayama breathwork techniquecreative writing to reclaim your personal power and dream a new storylearning self-love and embracing yourself through all negativityA ...
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