Daniel Kelly
Publisher: Daniel Kelly
Pages: 269

TROY HAS FALLENThe greatest city on earth has been reduced to a pile of smoldering ash, but the cost has been high. The fabled king Priam with the last remnant of the city, knowing all hope of survival is gone, sacrifice themselves in a last act of defiance to destroy the greek army. His once mighty army destroyed, his alliances in ruins. Agamemnon crawls for the safety of his fortress walls of Mycaenea well aware that enemies will smell blood in the water. But after ten years at war, who could you trust to keep your throne safe?Running for their very lives, the refugees of Troy search the sea's of the Mediterranean for refugee led by Aeneas. Somewhere they can survive, in the hope of one day bringing vengence to their home. Achilles had a son, whom some call Pyrrhus. Having missed the great war, he is determined to prove himself by hunting down the refugees. Odysseus, having helped ...
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