Jf Brou
Publisher: Jf Brou
Pages: 71

IN THIS PERSONAL FINANCE WORKBOOK YOU WILL JOURNAL & LEARN THE MONEY GAME:- Find out your money personality- Detached yourself from money self limited beliefs from the work of Ken Honda- Release abundance blocks from the work of Christie Marie Sheldon- Connect with the energy of money and the soul of money- Identify your ideal financial situation and lifestyle- How to become rich through investing- Learn how to make more money and explore making money ideas- Act on Side Hustle, Passive Income Online, Passive Income Real Estate, Small Investment and make smart money for woman and man- Pay Your Debt and get rich your own way- Pay Yourself First like in the book Richest Man in Babylon of George Samuel Clason and Profit First of Mike Michalowicz- Pay our taxes and learn about offshore banking- Save money and create a retirement plan and vision- Set financial goals, manage money ...
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