Tina Dee
Publisher: Tina Dee Books
Pages: 91

A jilted mail-order bride. Then, a marriage strictly of convenience. But things don’t turn out as planned when love butts in.Abandoned by her family and forced to leave her current home in Tennessee, Tallulah Morgan writes a mail-order bride agency in Minnesota. She corresponds briefly with a man and travels to Pelican Rapids to meet and marry him, only to find he’s left the country!Sean Callaghan is a trapper who’s trading in his buckskin clothing for farmer’s overalls. He’s eager to begin farming and doesn’t want the inconveniences of a marriage. Having been hurt in the past, love is something to be avoided at all costs, but then he meets the mail-order bride his brother left behind. Now he finds himself falling for Tallulah.How will they avoid the inevitable—love?Falling for Tallulah is a light-hearted, Christian mail-order bride romance set in America’s heartland and is part of the ...
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5 stars from 68 ratings
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