Daily Jay
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 214

Get that body you’ve always dreamt of without sacrificing your paycheck on an overpriced gym membership. Are you tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money to your gym without actually having the urge to go there? Do you get frustrated by the jungle-like nature of the gym, just wanting to be able to workout anywhere, anytime, with little to no equipment needed for your training? Are you looking for a way to reach what seems to be a near-impossible task: you love what you see in the mirror, are confident in your own skin, and actually find it fun to workout? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you and calisthenics training will get along quite well. Working out seems to get more complicated as the years go by, with new trendy equipment popping up in ads claiming to burn 10x the number of calories than ‘regular’ ways of exercising. Not only will getting this ...
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