Marcy Pusey
Publisher: Miramare Ponte Press
Pages: 223

Finding the Wholeness, Community, and Meaning that Money Couldn’t BuyHave you ever looked around your house and wondered, How did I get so much stuff? That stuff gets LOUD. Studies have shown that excessive amounts of clutter rob us of joy, peace, and rest, giving us instead, stress and anxiety, less sleep, lowered productivity, and diminished overall wellness. And yet, we keep consuming more and more of the many things we still apparently need to be happy and whole. In 2010, Marcy looked around her house, surrounded by all the clutter, and felt ill. She realized that they’d been stuck in a cycle of consumerism—swept into a culture of convenience without any awareness of it, and knew that something had to change. They decided as a family, that they wanted no more—more.At first, this journey was not easy, but over time they discovered many benefits, including an increased level ...
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