Sherri Storey
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 270

Kylie Brennan would be happy to leave her life up to fate, except lately fate has a twisted sense of humor. Since returning home from a volunteer mission in Sierra Leone, reality has become stranger than fiction. She has a hit song on the radio and a supporting role in a Hollywood movie.The problem? She isn't a singer or an actress. She's a nurse / farmgirl from small town Canada which is far removed from the bright lights of Tinsel Town.♥♥♥ Then there's her disaster of a love life. ♥♥♥Nick Taylor was her first love and her first heartbreak. He has become a cautionary tale for any girl contemplating dating the hunky best of friend of her big brother. So why can't she get over him?He's moved on. She should too.And now that the rich and sexy movie star, Jovanny Grotta has followed her back from West Africa, she has every reason to. He is a living, breathing fantasy come to life, and with ...
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