Tom Reissmann
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 354

"Tom Reissmann brings us a novel of big ideas, pulse-pounding action, and deep emotion that will keep you guessing as Max and Olivia struggle to uncover the mysteries behind The Reality Games." –Hayden Trenholm, award-winning author of The Steele Chronicles.*****“The Reality Games is a page-turner that keeps you guessing until the very end.” –Steve Peters, Experience Designer and Founder of No Mimes Media.*****In 2061, artificial intelligence is everywhere. Professor Max Wheeler welcomes a synthetic into his home – a construct that looks and acts exactly like his late wife, and whose presence outrages Max’s daughter, Olivia. When Olivia disappears, and a friend is murdered, Max is drawn into a dangerous web that causes him to question everything…Are we living in a game?In the year 2061, artificial intelligence has solved most of humanity’s problems from global warming to ...
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