Dave Heilmann
Publisher: Networlding Publishing
Pages: 197

Home School Hell is for every parent sentenced to remote learning prison, where the simple task of educating our children at home is like catching a murder hornet.Laugh-out-loud funny, this book wryly captures the humorous daily struggles of a widowed father of four young children. Common Core math, lice shampoo in the eyes, infected Monopoly dice, and Styrofoam heads for pop bottle projects are only the beginning of the chaotic adventures, many of which are now all too familiar to parents turned remote learning teachers.In between laughs is a poignant letter to his wife, telling her what has happened here on Earth, and how in the year 2020, when everything stopped, we had a better chance to see. The value of a teacher. The courage of those who risk their lives to save ours. The unfairness of disease. How we need hugs, lots of hugs. The gift of time. And the power of humor in the most ...
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