Harjit Suman
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 79

★★★ LEARN PYTHON PROGRAMMING IN THIS PYTHON CRASH COURSE BOOK AIMED FOR BEGINNERS ★★★Have you ever wanted to learn coding such as Python Programming but thought it will be too difficult? Maybe you want to learn a new skill to improve your job prospects? Well, this Python Crash Course book is definitely for you because after reading this no nonsense Python for beginners book you will become proficient in Python programming in no time!WHAT IS PYTHON?Python is a powerful high level, object-oriented scripting language. It has a wide range of applications from web development, data science, creating software prototypes, to scientific and mathematical computing. You will learn more about Python in detail and why you should use it in this Python Crash Course book.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM READING THIS BOOKIn Python Crash Course: The Step by Step Python for Everybody Book for ...
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