Robert Cole
Publisher: RMC Publishing Company
Pages: 227

Do you feel overwhelmed with life? Are you constantly worrying and feeling guilty? Do you fear failure? Are you looking for a spark in your life? These days it can be hard to smile. But what if happiness was something you could learn? We know now that certain behaviors can, when done regularly, increase our positivity, gratitude, and help us overcome difficult situations. But changing our perspective can be both the most effective and most difficult thing to do. In this book, Dr. Robert Cole draws on his years as a critical care physician to offer insights about true happiness. He shows readers how simple actions can reduce frustration and anxiety, help people to overcome the fear of failure, and handle adversity. There is light at the end of even the darkest tunnel, and the power of finding it lies within each of us.In his debut book, Dr. Cole gives readers easy to use advice ...
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