Daniel Larson
Publisher: AT Publishing
Pages: 133

If you want to overcome and conquer all your fears, stress, and mental hurdles related to your podcasting, then keep reading…As you already know, podcasting is a brilliant medium and can be a lot of fun. However, podcasting isn't always smooth-sailing; there are hurdles that we all come across throughout our journey. Have you ever felt helpless, drained of motivation, and left asking yourself “is this really worth it?”You might be on the verge of launching your show, or maybe you already have - but you find yourself worrying that you'll never have people on the other side listening. Moreover, to shamelessly self-promote feels criminally embarrassing, and the thought of having to grasp the ins and outs of editing makes you feel incapable of ever being a ‘real podcaster’.Over half of all podcasts end up being given up on within the first 6 months of their launch - isn’t that crazy? Not ...
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